Pocket pussies are now available in all shapes, designs, colors, and price ranges, but they all have the same benefit: to make masturbation as varied and realistic as possible for men, so it is also called fake pussy.

However, before buying a pocket pussy, there are a few simple things you should know.

What is a pocket pussy?+

Pocket pussy is a small fake pussy that you can take with you wherever you go. This best male sex toy feels like a real women's pussy, also this fake pussy is so small that it's ideal if you often travel. Pocket pussy can easily be taken in your pocket. Therefore, pocket pussies are often smaller than our other male masturbators and are easy to use. Pocket pussies are also suitable for beginners in male masturbators, as little money is required to get a good model. 

Pocket pussy can be of all shapes and sizes, but most are fleshlight. Some designs are more realistic, with attractive labia or even with the shape of a real woman's body. Others, on the other hand, have a rather simple and modern design. On Adutoys.com, we have the best pocket pussy, and you will receive it in lovingly decorated packaging at a great price. And if you are looking for high-quality but cheap pocket pussy, you're at the right place!

Why choose Adutoys pocket pussy?+

At adutoys.com, we offer the best pocket pussy for every taste and preference. Some masturbators have multiple layers: one with sensual, soft skin and another that imitates the fleshy, stimulating texture of a real pussy. We also offer pocket pussy that is vibrating or not. The vibrating pocket pussy gives you great stimulation without your own intervention, and some masturbators can be placed on your penis and do all the "work" by themselves. The vibrating pocket pussy is particularly suitable for men who like to be a little more stimulated or need more stimulation to reach climax.

For men who think appearance is essential, they will choose a lifelike artificial fake pussy. adutoys pocket pussy has real-looking labia, a clitoris, and sometimes even an anus. The material also resembles the soft, elastic inside a real vagina and gives the penis an incredibly realistic feeling.

Then there are male masturbator toys with an ergonomic design at adutoys. They are less realistic but more comfortable. They are usually provided with labia, an anus, or a mouth as an opening and thus simulate vaginal or anal sex or a blowjob.

One of our adutoys flashlight-shaped masturbators also has different openings at both ends, which gives twice the pleasure. These pocket pussies are more discreet and practical if you want to take them with you on your travels. This pocket pussy's inner workings also make men's hearts beat faster: The inner is made of a skin-like texture and equipped with a particularly stimulating stimulus structure - unique in its structure and exclusively for Pocket Pussy.

There are also electronically operated, vibrating pocket pussies for the whole penis or just the glans.

Top 2 Discreet Pocket pussies in adutoys+

NO.1 adutoys Dual Head Masturbator Toy

This fake pussy cannot vibrate or rotate but be operated by hands. Usually pocket pussies with no extra functions are not so popular, but this one has made a change.

This fake pussy is designed with sexy lips and a realistic vagina, you can enjoy it with both two ends. There's only one channel inside this fake pussy, but the feeling is definitely different. You can feel the softness and wetness when having fun with the oral end, and the tightness of the vaginal end...

No.2 adutoys Pocket Pussy | 2 In 1 Fake Vagina

This pocket pussy is designed in a Japanese style with a vibrating bullet inside. The material is so stretchy that you can even rub it at will! The fake pussy looks so realistic and the inner side is 3D designed like a real vagina.

How do I use a fake pussy?+

The Pocket pussy is extremely easy to use. Most of the time, you need to take the masturbator in your hand, place the penis in the shaft and enjoy the fun at your own personal rhythm!  

If you buy a pocket pussy, you should always purchase lubricant, too, so that your penis can penetrate freely and slide quickly up and down.

Next, of course, it depends on the model. If you have decided on a natural fake vagina or fake pussy, you can place it comfortably on the bed or the floor and penetrate it. If you have a fleshlight masturbator, you can slip it over your penis wherever you want and move it up and down quickly or slowly, depending on your preference. Be careful not to go too high so that your penis doesn't slip out.

If you want a unique massager for your glans, gently twist the artificial fake vagina in your hand while moving it up and down. Many pocket pussies are open at the end. If you cover this opening partially or wholly with your fingers, you can build up light and lust-increasing suction.

Can I learn to delay my orgasm with a pocket pussy?+

With the artificial fake vagina, you can practice delaying ejaculation. You can achieve this through targeted training, but regular masturbation often helps relieve the pressure and slow the orgasm. However, if you want to practice this specifically, you can try it optimally with a pocket pussy. For example, slowly relieve arousal while playing with your pocket pussy and play with it. Let your excitement rise and fall and take your time. After some practice, the result will show up in your love life.

Is a pocket pussy only suitable for singles?+

No, a pocket pussy can also give intimate moments for sex couples an unusual and erotic stimulus. For example, it can be used for foreplay and guided by your partner.

For some couples, it is also fascinating to watch the partner masturbate, or when both partners do it themselves at the same time.

Furthermore, it is healthy to self-gratify and can take some sexual pressure off of a relationship. Masturbation with a pocket pussy will also help you and your partner to spend long periods apart from each other, for example, when one of you is on a business trip or vacation. The artificial fake vagina or fake pussy can also help with stimulating phone sex in a long-distance relationship.

How do I clean my pocket pussies?+

The fake vagina must be cleaned with warm water and soap after each use. It is best to use a skin-friendly, antibacterial cleaning agent, especially for men's sex toys, to ensure no pathogenic bacteria form. Most pocket pussies are open at one end so that the semen will drain out of there. In this case, it's useful to put a towel under it or, if the pocket pussy is waterproof and not battery-operated, to use and clean it directly in the shower. The texture of most pocket pussies can be removed from the outer shell for cleaning. Then cleaned it and let it dry well. Finished! 

Do you need more information or questions about our products? Our team is always available by email or contact form to help you find the right model for your needs and preferences.

How to make pocket pussy?+

Sometimes you are tired of masturbating with your hands. If you buy a Pocket Pussy online, it will usually be delivered in 3-5 days, but at this moment, you have no patience. What should we do? At this time, you need a homemade Pocket Pussy.

How to Make Pocket Pussy at Home is a question that many people want to know, and here I will teach you a simple technique, quick use of Towel to make a great pocket pussy:

1. Fold a hand towel in quarters.

2. Place the latex glove on the towel with the cuff hanging off

3. Roll the towel to your desired tightness

4. Secure the towel with rubber bands or a belt

5. Roll the cuff of the glove over the edge of the towel

6. Add belts or rubber bands to add tension

As with all homemade pocket pussies, making it has its dangers. Be careful!