Why Choose Adutoys Blowjob Toys

  • Classification of people with different levels of experience

Adutoys blowjob toys are especially recommended for masturbators of different groups, including beginners, those with a few experience, those with rich experience, and enthusiasts.

  • Realistic oral sex design

Blowjob toy gives sensory stimulation by imitating the appearance of a sexy lip. The soft and full particles in the mouth, as well as internal multi-layered spiral pleats bring you the pleasure of friction to enhance the stimulation of your orgasm. The maximum length of Adutoys Blowjob Simulator can be inserted to a deeper length of 6 inches. You can get deep throat sucking and unlimited pleasure with these best male masturbation toys. The variable sucking strength and the soft and flexible small tongue simulate real human oral sex interaction to the greatest extent.

  • Multiple functions of blowjob toy

Adutoys blowjob toys giving you an unimaginable pleasure with more functions than real oral sex, such as vibrating, squeezing, sucking, heating, thrusting, rotating, etc. Some high-tech masturbation simulators can even sync to VR porn videos to increase your experience of orgasm. In sex toy stores, voice interaction and USB charging are very popular selling points. Adutoys can bring you adjustable tightness and a variety of modes of oral sex experience.

  • Eco-friendly and High-Quality silicone material

The health and safety of users is the most important concern of the Adutoys store. We use environmentally friendly and high-quality silicone materials to make sex toys suitable for human use. The masturbation simulator of high-quality materials can not only improve sexual pleasure, but also make it easier to clean afterwards and reduce bacterial residues.

  • Competitive price

It’s hard to list the price of all the brands, but in Adutoys , almost all of our male masterbators are at an available price for ordinary people, or even we can promise that male masturbators are much cheaper than other famous brands!

Why do blowjob toys come in people's lives?+

Humans' exploration and experimentation of sex is the pursuit of ultimate pleasure. According to relevant research data, 90% of men like oral sex far more than vaginal sex, and even prefer to rub in the mouth and vagina at the same time during sex.

However, many problems appeared in the process:

  • 1.I don’t have a girlfriend or I don’t have a wife.
  • 2.My girlfriend or my wife hates to be a blowjob toy for me because that makes her uncomfortable, she advises me to use a blowjob simulator.
  • 3.My penis is too large for my partner to put in her mouth deeply, on the contrary, it is more comfortable to use a blowjob simulator.
  • 4.My partner is willing to try blowjob sex but she can’t do that in a high frequency like a blowjob toy can do.

These problems prompted the birth of oral sex toys, and they are widely popular among people.

What does it feel like to have sex with blowjob toys?+

Many blowjob toy sellers always exaggerate the efficacy of their products to attract customers. If you are seeking a blowjob toy that is 100% the same as oral sex with a real human, you may never be satisfied. The blowjob toy can do the best like making your penis feel like in a sloppy and moist mouth. Moreover, a blowjob toy has more functions than a human’s mouth, such as vibrating, squeezing, sucking, heating, thrusting, rotating, etc. You can control the blowjob simulator by yourself, whether you like deeper or faster, you can completely satisfy yourself. Compared to oral sex or vaginal sex with a real human, having sex with a blowjob toy is the perfect choice.

How to use a blowjob toy?+

Blowjob Simulator is a great way to add variety to your sex life, they are perfect to use alone or with a partner.

Clean the blowjob simulator before using it! Don't forget to add some water-based lubricants after cleaning. Lube cuts down on friction and disperses vibration, making you feel better! After the preparations are finished, put your penis into the toy's mouth.

Press the power button, the blowjob toy will stimulate your penis head, glans, or testicles as you like by vibrating, thrusting, rotating, heating, or squeezing! While putting on the heating function, the blowjob toy gets warm in a few minutes, and it is just like the temperature in a real mouth.

Choose a soft mode of vibration, the blowjob simulator would treat you like a gentlewoman, help you get into the state soon!

Change it to a stronger mode, gradually the blowjob simulator moves faster and faster, just like a hot sexy woman is making deep oral sex for you! You can feel the stimulation get stronger and your penis gets harder!

You’ll soon find a great way to use this blowjob toy, so experiment with different grip strokes and levels of tightness.

After use, please clean your blowjob simulator with warm soapy water, but be careful not to wet the area of the charging port. Store Your Masturbator Toy With a Box or a non-woven bag.