What is a tongue dildo, and how it works?

Sexuality is how people experience and express the instincts and feelings that constitute physical attraction to others. It is a normal part of the human experience and is determined by several different factors, including genetic makeup, childhood upbringing, influences from those around us, and social attitudes. Also, sexual behaviors considered normal vary widely within the same culture and between different cultures. It does not seem possible to define what sexuality consists of.

There are significant variations in people's sexual behavior, both in terms of interest in and frequency of sex and the need for sexual satisfaction throughout life. Some people want to have sexual activity several times a day, while others are satisfied with infrequent activity (for example, only a few times a year). Although young people do not usually believe that older people are interested in sexual activity, most older people are and consider that they have a satisfying sex life even in old age.

Social attitudes about sexuality and gender and their acceptance vary widely between cultures and have undergone radical changes in some societies. Many people have become more comfortable with their gender identity (how they present themselves to the world) and engaging in sexual activities that might have been considered unacceptable in the past. As a result, social norms have been redefined, as illustrated by the following examples of attitude changes in Western culture in recent years.

Masturbation and sex toys:

For a time considered a perversion and even a cause of mental illness, masturbation is now considered a regular sexual activity throughout a person's life. It is estimated that about 97% of men and 80% of women have masturbated at some time. In general, men masturbate more often than women. Many people masturbate even when their relationships are sexually rewarding. Although masturbation is a regular activity and is usually recommended as a safe sex option, it can cause feelings of guilt and psychological suffering stemming from the attitude of disapproval that some people still maintain. These feelings can cause considerable discomfort and even affect sexual performance.

As a couple or for self-pleasure, vibrators are highly demanded, a sexual complement to enhance arousal. They take the lead as a sexual complement to masturbation or sexual intercourse. They win among the most sought-after and popular toys in sex shops, especially among women. But what are tongue dildo, and how do they work?

Vibrators, in particular, are objects that, as their name suggests, vibrate and are designed for optimum stimulation in the sensitive areas of women. They can be used externally or internally to the body, depending on the type of stimulation you want to achieve. There are vibrators for simple stimulation, such as the tongue vibrator, but there are also those that are more sophisticated for multiple inspirations.

However, the use of vibrators (mainly tongue vibrators and tongue vibrating) is increasing in popularity and has led to a greater awareness of the importance of sexual health. On the one hand, they can help explore and discover the female body and sensitive areas to understand better what type of stimulation they like the most. On the other hand, the inspiration of the vibrator can also assist in reaching a climax more quickly.

What is the difference between a tongue vibrator and a real tongue?

Tongue vibrators last a long time for one-time use

To know the difference between a tongue vibrator and a real tongue, we first need to have a specific understanding of tongue vibrators. A tongue vibrator is a tongue sex toy. It serves to lick and suck your clitoris, nipples, ears, and other sensitive areas. In terms of types, tongue vibrators include clitoral tongue vibrators, mini tongue vibrators, licking tongue vibrators, licking tongue vibrators, etc.

Adutoys surveyed thousands of female customers and the feedback was all positive about tongue vibrators. We believe that tongue vibrators provide a more comfortable and long-lasting orgasmic experience compared to partner licking. In fact, the biggest difference between a tongue vibrator and a real tongue is that while real tongue licking causes physical fatigue, a tongue vibrator can be used for about an hour and a half, thus bringing women more clitoral sucking stimulation pleasure.

Tongue vibrators have multiple functions

  • Vibration frequencies

Our tongue vibrator is designed to mimic the texture of a real tongue and offers 10 vibration modes of vibration experience. From ramp-down, ramp-up, acceleration, medium, light, intermittent shaking, bouncing, wild shaking, amazing shaking to intense orgasmic high vibration frequency enjoyment, giving the most pleasurable orgasms.

  • Multiple uses

Our cunnilingus tongue vibrator can be used to lick nipples, vagina, anus, clitoris, cock, ass, etc. in a variety of positions to evoke multiple numbing sensations in sensitive areas.

  • 3 Types of Pleasure

Our tongue vibrators are designed with 3 types of foreplay pleasure in mind to give women the most gentle care: licking, sucking, and vibrating.

  • Special Design Details

Our tongue vibrator is designed with a breast cover and clitoral cover in the tongue position to make the part being licked more focused and sensitive. It makes American women more sexually aroused during foreplay and perfectly moisturizes their vagina.

What is the best tongue vibrator on Adutoys?+

The G-Spot Rabbit Tongue Vibrator has captured the demand of American women with its high quality features and cute purple appearance. They agree that it is the best tongue vibrator on Adutoys. It is very different from other tongue vibrators in that it has two cute and realistic little tongues for clitoral and vaginal G-spot stimulation. 7 vibration modes with 3 up and down movement speeds provide the ultimate orgasm mode time and time again. The most exciting part is that its vibrator can heat up to 40 degrees Celsius, as warm as a real penis. It enriches the reproductive nerves of the female vagina for enjoyment.

What is the best step to use a tongue vibrator?+

Adutoys has studied the feedback of thousands of vibrator users. The best step to use the tongue vibrator is during sex. Before starting sex with your partner, flirt with the help of realistic tongue vibrator, press the button to choose from a variety of sucking and vibrating modes, from slow to fast steps, sucking on sensitive spots such as nipples, ears, clitoris, and wetting the woman's vagina, thus stimulating more sexual desire and pleasure in each other. Prepare for vaginal G-spot, P-spot, and A-spot orgasms.