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Model: dora-rose-toy-clit-vibrator-and-licker
The rose toy combining silky smooth tongue licking and strong earthquake vibration in 9 different modes, and this rose bud with a little tail is absolutely versatile beyond its cute appearance. Pretend as a compact size craft, it can lay in your handbag and accompany you through those long solitary..
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Model: fiona-the-rose-toy-clit-licker-vibrating-egg
Hot and stylish, this rose toy clit licker with vibrating egg has the power to lights up your dark night like fire. With a soft rope design, it can be fold to a length of 3.54", which enables it small enough to be carried in the handbag; coverd by water-proof smooth silicone, Fiona offers an easy in..
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nectar - the rose sex toy clit stimulator nectar - the rose sex toy clit stimulator
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Model: nectar-the-rose-sex-toy-clit-stimulator
Nectar a rose toy with tongue providing sweet tongue licking to you at home or away, the tender pink rose clit stimulator looks like it needs protection, but in reality, it is the existence that can give you a sense of security and bliss. Tiny body wrapped in food-grade silky smooth silicone, a simp..
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Model: sylvia-the-rose-vibrator-with-tongue
Switch the gameplay anytime and anywhere with this versatile rose vibrator with tongue!The whole body is covered with waterproof and safe silicone, one head with flexible tongue afford sweet licking and the other for thrilling vibrating stimulation; a powerful motor at each end is responsible for ge..
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Model: the-rose-clit-stimulator
Unlock the romantic code, get elegant and exquisite enjoyment with the rose toy. Shaped in a vivid rose, it's quite attractive to all beauty-loving women from the appearance; due to the compact size, you can put it into your handbag and bring it to anywhere; through a single button, you can easily a..
$63.75 $75.00
Ex Tax:$63.75
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