What is the Realistic Dildo? 

Realistic dildos are ones of life like sex toys that are made of many materials to use as masturbation tools stimulating genitals. They are typically quite natural in shape, color, and detailing and are super realistic from touch to use.


Why Choose Adutoys Realistic Dildo?

  • Shape

Men's penis inspires the common shape of the realistic dildo. Adutoys offers various sizes of the dildo from 4inch to 11inch. Choose the right size according to your preference. Some may have some innovation or deformation, such as the the sucking cup dildo or add a handle at the bottom. All are intended to be more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Material

Realistic dildos are usually silicone because they can make the most realistic feeling dildos. Although they are fake, all of them touch real, feel real, and use real.

All the materials are Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, So there's no need for you to worry about being hurt or damaging the environment.

  • Super real

Adutoys has achieved the restoration of real penis feeling in both shape and material. In terms of structure, Adutoys uses three densities of material, from inside to outside, from hard to soft, which make it hard to tell if it's real or not.

  • Function

The functions can be divided into electric and manual. If you prefer to control the speed and frequency yourself, then a classic realistic dildo is best for you. If you prefer a more intense stimulation and want to feel the stretching, spinning and vibrating simultaneously, then Adutoys thrusting realistic dildo is the best choice for you.

Low Price

We offer affordable dildos at reasonable prices while maintaining high quality. We also always have discounts available, so always visit our website to ensure you don't miss every sale.


Why Use Realistic Dildos?  +

Some people prefer the feeling of being thrusting by realistic dildos rather than a technological design of vibrations. Some people are visual animals, which means they are easily influenced by vision. For them, the realistic life like dildo arouses their erotic desire stronger than other kinds of sex toys. So while some love the Red Dot Design, there are other preferences - realistic dildo design.

How to Use Realistic Dildos?+

For Solo Play

For some single people, they use realistic dildos for masturbation most. Women's vagina or men's prostate is inside the body, so it's not easy for us to reach it by ourselves. However, the good sex helper - realistic dildos make your stimulation to G-spot as easy as falling off a log.

Step by step, find your favorite porn on porn websites like Pornhub or X video first, then apply some lube on the realistic phallic head and slowly insert your body. Some realistic dildos are multifunctional. The realistic penis can do vibration, rotation, and thrusting simultaneously. Soon, you will reach the climax.

For Couple

Some couples are tired of the traditional sex of missionary and doggy and so on. So realistic dildos are a new minion. When there is no more passion for experiencing both bodies after thousands of making love, they need external props to make each other's sex life fresher. Some men have ED due to the high pressure. To meet wife or girlfriend's demands and enhance a relationship, they use realistic dildos too. Without porn, kisses and hugs and touches would be enough for foreplay. If she is wet, penetrate the realistic dildo in her without hesitation, making her quiver orgasm.  


How to Clean a Realistic Dildo? +

It is super easy to clean realistic dildos than sex dolls. 

You can just rinse it with warm water with or even without a water-based cleanser.

Remember, don't use the oil-based cleanser because it would damage some silicone material. 

After it dries up, put the realistic dildo in a clean and dry box to store it for a longer lifespan.