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A simple, load-bearing harness made of leather. The straps wrap around the body and snap in the back with a hook and loop system to hold them in place. Adjustable straps and sizing based on waist size provide a perfect fit for most body types.

Designed to be worn comfortably and be extremely adjustable, the harness is easily tightened and loosened around any waist or body type, while also being able to adjust for height. It fits any body type comfortably and adjusts to the wearer for a custom fit.

Tone your thighs, hips, and buttocks with this targeted, pulsating exercise device. Based on studies showing that muscle activity is monitored by sensory receptors in the pelvic floor, the Perla uses a patented "pulse wave" technology to stimulate these receptors during exercise. You'll work three of your core muscles at once – deep transverse abdominis (your "six-pack"), external obliques (on your sides), and gluteus maximus (your buttocks).

Model: joji-realistic-strapon-dildo-6-inch
Don't miss this strapon dildo including black penis and red straps, which was created for great fun in a colorful couple's room. The tough and soft dildo is made of body-safe silicone and length in 6 inches, the ergonomically designed arc with the simulated glans shape can effectively stimulate you..
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Model: rami-harness-strap-on-dildo-8-inch
To those who are passionate about traps, two player games or other particularly pleasures, it's a good news that this realistic strap on dildo whose length is 8 inches and the major material is body safe silicone is on the market. The simple design makes it easy to understand how to use, can be said..
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Model: sean-adjustable-strap-on-dildo-set
To enjoy the sweet crit and extend the life of love, you need Sean's help. The sizeable dildo which made of absolutely safe materials was added with carved texture to enhance the stimulation; the sturdy and skin-friendly straps can be adjusted to a length that makes you comfortable without slipping...
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