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With the bdsm restraints, we wanted to make what is generally considered a kinky or fetish product into something that had the function of high-end bondage gear while still maintaining a certain look and feel of luxury. We are not interested in simply reproducing an existing product, but in making each piece from scratch to our own design. This allows us to incorporate functionality and features that other manufacturers cannot, along with a level of quality and finish we can achieve only through direct control over production.

The super soft faux leather straps of these great looking cuffs are lined with a soft plush fabric, making them super comfortable and easy to get into; unlike other cuffs where the buckles dig into your skin. Fully adjustable, they quickly snap open when you press the release buckle and include a metal D-ring on each cuff for attaching wrist restraints or leashes. 1" wide, they weigh a mere 1.4 ounces apiece and are available in red or blue.